Online Series:



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This 2-part series with Jamaica Travel Network will cover these topics and more:


  • On-Demand Soon, Session I: Become a Jamaica Travel agent expert & learn about the destination!
    Learn about Jamaica top suppliers hotels/ transportation/local experiences/tours
    Be introduced to the largest collection of Villas in Jamaica
    How to obtain concierge Booking Assistance with Jamaica Travel Network
    Get advantage of email marketing system with Jamaica Travel Network
    What is the Social Media Marketing System in Jamaica Travel Network


  • Session II: Learn the ins & outs of being a Jamaica Travel Expert! 
    How  to become a Jamaica Travel Network agent and have all the benefits?
    How you will  earn 20% commission when booking  with Jamaica Travel Network
    How to  book  with  Jamaica Travel Network.

Agents who complete the training 
will be eligible for some exciting prize giveaways!