How to Be Magnetic Online: Harnessing the Power of the "Human Touch" in a Digital World

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Ever feel like what you write online, whether it's your website, blogs, or emails,  just sounds so stiff and awkward? It's time to humanize your content.


Welcome back, travel agent copywriter Emily Matras of Bon Vivant Copy to learn how to cut through the awkward  and write online content that's warm and personable — because *that's* what will attract your dream travel clients.

Less robot-speak, more you!

Get ready to discover:

  • 3 main spots on your website where it’s really easy to slip into “robot speak”—and why that’s costing you leads
  • Social media strategy that GUARANTEES you’ll stand out from your online booking engine competition
  • 1 exercise you should complete to ensure all your online marketing is irresistibly magnetic




Emily Matras is the owner of Bon Vivant Copy, a copywriting and content marketing studio that helps travel professionals create profitable, sustainable businesses. She shows travel pros how to write their way to more (and better!) travel clients through the psychology of selling. With a background in marketing, journalism, and travel, Emily brings an expert perspective on how to stand out in the travel industry today.

Since founding Bon Vivant Copy in 2015, she’s shared her marketing know-how with hundreds of travel pros on global stages and through trusted industry media and organizations like Travel Weekly, The Travel Institute, CCRA, and TRO SMITH.