Make up to 25% Commission on International Air

We handle all of the complicated airline negotiations free of charge. You just focus on growing sales & revenue.


CCRA's Air Program Is Partnered with 70+ Carriers Worldwide


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Leverage over 44 Years of Industry Experience

While you're busy selling travel and providing your customers with the service they expect, our team negotiates top-tier point of sale commissions, discounts, and net fares for your agency. All you have to do is book and ticket via your approved ARC/IATA number.

Book via Your Own GDS, Ticket Through Your Own ARC/IATA Number

With CCRA Air, your agency issues every ticket and claims all of the commissions and segment incentives. Apply all of your GDS segments towards your annual goals and if applicable, retain any GDS segment incentive fees.

Maintain Total Control of the PNR

By booking and ticketing within your own GDS/ARC number, you keep control of the PNR throughout your travelers’ entire journey. Eliminate the risk of losing valuable customers to slow response times from outsourcers and remain the point-of-contact when your customers need you most.

Get Paid Your Commissions Every Week

With weekly reconciliation via ARC, you get paid on-time, every Friday. Don't wait for weeks to receive your commissions. Never waste time chasing down payments.


A Dedicated Support Team You Can Count On

Airline contracts can get really complicated. With an average response time of just 2 hours, your questions get answered quickly by our team of air experts so you never miss a ticketing window.

100% Free: No Fees, No Revenue Sharing

Signing up for CCRA Air is free and easy. Never pay a fee, never share your revenues. It's that simple.


What Agencies Are Saying:

“I want to express my appreciation for your Air team at CCRA. Much of our company’s success is due to your skill and hard work. I really appreciate everything that you have done for our business.”
“My agency was part of another network that didn’t allow dual affiliation. I canceled my affiliation with them and found CCRA. The Air program gave me more airlines than I had with the previous network. We are earning great revenues from being part of CCRA Air.”
“We have multiple sources for ticketing and earning commission. We prefer to use CCRA Air because it allows us to retain complete control over the reservation at all times.”

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